A fun and varied social and cultural programme is an important part of your experience. It not only provides a platform for you to learn about a new culture but also encourages your language learning outside of the classroom, and of course helps you to make new friends!

Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital city and is the perfect destination for your language programme. It is a small city for a capital with only 500,000 inhabitants, but this means it is very easy to move around and students often tell us how comfortable they feel. With some of the top tourist attractions in the UK and a world famous cultural programme, we think there is no better place to spend your summer holidays!

More often than not, it’s our activity programme that leaves our students with the long-lasting memories of their time at Mackenzie School. This is why we consider your recreational time to be as important as your classroom time.

Our activities not only provide a platform to learn about Scotland and the UK, they can help your self-confidence and motivation while making friends in the process and most importantly, having FUN!!

Our highly trained activity staff ensure trips and excursions are well-prepared and run smoothly. We have used our expert knowledge to pick out the best the UK has to offer.


Evening or afternoon activities are on a sign-up basis facilitated by one of our activity leaders. Whether it is being your guide or getting to know you in a social situation, our activity leaders will help organise fun social events with a relaxing atmosphere, while giving you extra time to chat with a native speaker in an enjoyable and sociable environment.

We are continually improving our activity programme and in 2016 we were very excited to work with an award–winning app development company to develop our very own range of engaging GPS challenges played on iPad minis. These challenges are designed to engage, entertain and inspire you whilst using the most up to date technology.


Forget the traditional city tour as we provide you with an iPad mini for certain cultural visits and activities. You will love the opportunity to take part in one of our bespoke challenges featuring a variety of interesting questions and trivia, along with fun photo and video tasks to provide lasting memories. We are proud to say that we are the only school in the UK using this technology at the moment and students love it.