Festival & Performing Arts

Festival & Performing Arts
Photo by Aina Badias, a student from last year’s festival programme

August Only

Group bookings only
12-17 year olds

This programme is available during the month of August when the world-renowned Edinburgh Festival takes place. As the largest cultural gathering in the world, the festival offers a fantastic blend of music, theatre, comedy, dance and street performances. Edinburgh really comes alive during the month of August and students on our Festival & Performing Arts Programme will have the opportunity to experience it first-hand. Tuition topics are focused on the performing arts and include project work on a variety of subjects such as drama and street theatre. Local visits in and around Edinburgh complete students’ timetables outside of school hours and evening activities include visits to festival shows.

You will have the chance to develop your performing skills, enhance your creativity and improve your English all in one programme! You will leave feeling confident and inspired.

Our teachers are specially trained to activate the knowledge you already have as well as fine tune some of the mistakes you may make. You will have the chance to improve your vocabulary and grammar during the lessons as well.

A range of topics will develop your knowledge on all aspects of the Arts; from dance to storytelling everything is covered!

Topics include:

  • Dance
  • Poetry
  • Street theatre
  • Cultural differences
  • Music
  • Advertising
  • Storytelling

Project work

With advice from your teacher, you will take the time to explore Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile and soak up the busy vibe of the Fringe Festival street theatre. You will get involved and ask questions – writing notes for their project in class.

  • By becoming a reporter for the Mackenzie Metro you will find out more about one of the world’s most amazing festivals.
  • You will be taking notes and photos of the performers you come across, being inspired and soaking in the atmosphere.
  • Working as a team you will create a newspaper about the Fringe festival that will be distributed around the school for other students to read and enjoy!

Drama and Music

These sessions are to give you hands-on experience with the Arts. It’s what the festival is all about. You will have the opportunity to practise target language whilst getting involved with one of the world’s most exciting Arts festivals.

Experienced teachers will guide you on your theatrical journey! Whether you see yourself as an actor, a musical theatre singer, a pop star or a director, you will have a chance to shine. You might even discover hidden talents!

Sample Programme



We have a stage in the school where students can perform or, as the festival is a street theatre style event, there is always the option of getting out into the city centre and performing to the public! Here is an example from one of our previous groups working on their final performance. Take a look…

Performing Arts programme

The Festival and Performing Arts programme runs in August as does the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. However, we can also run performing arts programmes throughout the year. These programmes have all the same content but instead of the festival topics there are more lessons on theatre, film and music. It’s an excellent chance to boost your confidence, expand your knowledge and improve your English.

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