Music & Percussion

English Music Programmes

Year-round (except July)

Group bookings only
12-17 year olds

Our Music & Percussion Programme provides a fun opportunity for participants to develop their performing skills, learn the basics of a new instrument, and improve their English in the process. Tuition is based on general topics but the project work sessions, led by professional musicians, are focused on a variety of music related subjects which build up to preparing students for a final performance. Full-day excursions on Saturdays take students to locations outside of Edinburgh such as Glasgow, St Andrews or Stirling to give a truly memorable Scottish experience.

Along with a selection of general English topics for the tuition, workshops will have a specific focus on music and percussion. Workshops include:

  • Percussion
  • Percussion and Song
  • Performance Skills
  • Composition
  • Dress rehearsal
  • Performance

We want you to enjoy our lessons and have picked topics which will interest you.

Our methodology is about giving you the chance to communicate in English so you won’t be faced with the same boring old grammar exercises that you get at home, you will be involved in projects and tasks which will involve you and make you use the language and learn to speak English fluently.

Our teachers are specially trained to activate the knowledge you already have as well as fine tune some of the mistakes you may make. You will have the chance to improve your vocabulary and grammar during the lessons as well.

Your activity programme

You will have fun on our activities…and you will learn English as well!

Our specially trained activity staff will make sure you get all the information that you need on a destination and also that your time there is used as well as possible.

We include drama and team games in our activities to lighten the mood and keep you interested.

Some particular places of interest you may visit are as follows;
National Museum
Arthur’s Seat
Full-day excusion to Glasgow
Full-day excursion to Stirling

The evening activities are great fun and steeped in British traditions;

Ceilidh – a ceilidh is an evening of Scottish dancing to traditional music. It is very energetic and involves following instructions, dancing together and losing inhibitions. It is a fun group activity that is extremely popular with students which introduces them to different ways of socialising and having fun.

Sample Programme


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