5 reasons for learning English as a second language

Why is learning English such a crucial skill?

With English being the second language of choice for so many people, find out why it is so important.

Learning English is a crucial skill, so here are the top 5 reasons for learning English as a second language:
  1. It is the global language of business, entertainment and technology. English is also the language of media so you will be able to enjoy literature, television, movies and music without the need for subtitles. You will understand more websites and social media forums and interaction with them will be possible. English provides you with a world of opportunity to improve your personal and professional skills and in all areas of life. It is the most common second language and the first language of around 400 million people so you will be joining an enormous worldwide community of English speakers, all of whom you will be able to communicate effectively with.
  2. Learning a second language will define you as a person. It shows that you are interested in communicating, getting to know people and committed to a skill that requires a lot of dedication and practice. It indicates a desire for self-improvement. It gives you access to different schools and universities worldwide and improves your opportunities with prospective employers. Learning English as a second language is one of the most important parts of your education.
  3. As there are 53 English speaking countries in the world, travel will be simpler and no doubt more enjoyable with strong English skills and you will also learn about other cultures. This will increase your understanding of the world around you as well as help you to grow as a person. You might decide to study, work or live in another country due to your passion and command of the language.
  4. Compared with all the benefits of speaking English as a second language, it is a relatively easy language to learn. It has a simple alphabet of straightforward characters and although there are exceptions, it is generally rule-based. It is a genuinely worthwhile pursuit where great results are entirely attainable.
  5. Language is constantly evolving, so you needn’t stop learning! Learning a language is a journey of discovery and fun, and you may find you want to continue the journey as far as possible. Or you might just enjoy the sense of achievement! Once you are confident you have the basics, you could try an IELTS Exam or an Advanced English language course to further improve your skills. Mackenzie School of English have these great programmes available.

Mackenzie School of English offers a range of course options and cultural visits, excursions & social events for both young learners and adults.

By choosing one of our programmes, you will not only improve your English, but we will make sure you make the most of your time in Edinburgh.

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