We give you the support you need to make sure you progress with your English and make the most of your time with us.
Our communicative and collaborative methodology leads to you having an enjoyable and inspiring learning experience. Our staff are ready to help you find the right accommodation and choose activities or excursion that suit your interests. Our flexible approach to your programme means you can create the unforgettable study-trip you have always dreamed of. We understand that travelling to another country on your own can be a daunting experience. This may be the first time you have travelled by yourself and we know it can be nerve-racking but it is definitely worth it! At Mackenzie School we do everything we can to make sure you are safe and happy at all times. Everything can be organised for you and there will always be someone available to assist you and answer your questions.

If you have arranged a transfer, you will be looked after from the moment you arrive at the airport. A school representative will be waiting for you when you land. They will take you to your accommodation to meet your host, show you to your apartment or help you check into your hotel. If you prefer a more independent approach, we are happy to meet you on your first day of your programme when you can join the other new students to take a placement test to determine your English level.

After this you receive an induction which helps prepare you for your time with us. You are allocated a member of staff who will be your main contact. Of course, you can approach any member of staff at any time for advice or support, but this person is especially for you and other individuals studying with you.

The days that follow will be full and fun – packed with interesting English lessons, optional activities, time to relax and explore the local area, opportunities to chat with our staff and a chance to learn about British culture. You will meet other international students, make new friends and by the time you go home you will have a new enthusiasm for English. An experien ce like this will be one of the most memorable of your life. We don’t just offer an average experience; it really is an unforgettable one!
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