English Programmes for Individuals

English Programmes for Individuals

English Programmes for Individuals
English Programmes for Individuals

A study holiday at Mackenzie School will be an unforgettable experience! You will make new friends, be inspired to use English language and have an amazing time.

Our lessons are specifically designed to engage and motivate you. Have a look at some of the comments past students have told us:

“The best thing is the way teachers helped us to improve our English”

“The topics are interesting! I want these lessons in my school!”

“I like that I learnt a lot of English but in a funny way”

“We had fun together learning a lot of things”

Our English Programmes for Individuals  gives you the chance to learn a lot about the UK, practise English and have a great time. We will open your eyes to more than just English- our aim is to give you an insight into life in the UK and beyond!

What to expect

We understand that travelling to another country on your own can be a daunting experience. This may be the first time you have travelled by yourself or the first time you have done something independently from your parents and friends. It can be nerve racking but it is definitely worth it!

At Mackenzie School we do everything we can to make sure you are safe and happy at all times. Everything is organised for you and there will always be someone available to assist you and answer your questions.

From the moment you arrive at the airport you will be well looked after. A school representative will be waiting for you when you land. They will take you to your accommodation to meet your host.

On your first day at school you and the other new students will have a placement test to determine your English level. After this you will receive an induction which will help prepare you for your time with us. You will be allocated a ‘Group Leader’, this is a member of staff who will be your main contact. You can approach any member of staff at any time for advice or support but this person will be especially for you and other individuals studying with you.

The days that follow will be full and fun-packed with interesting English lessons, cool activities, time to relax and a chance to learn about British culture. You will meet other international students, make new friends and by the time you go home you will have a new enthusiasm for English.

An experience like this will be one of the most memorable of your life. We don’t just offer an average experience, it really is an unforgettable one!

Your lessons

We want you to enjoy our lessons and have picked topics which will interest you.

Our methodology is about giving you the chance to communicate in English so you won’t be faced with the same boring old grammar exercises that you get at home, you will be involved in projects and tasks which will involve you and make you use the language.

Our teachers are specially trained to activate the knowledge you already have as well as fixing the mistakes you may make. You will have the chance to improve your vocabulary and grammar during the lessons as well.

Mackenzie School Lesson

Take a look at the video below and find out what a typical lesson at Mackenzie School is like:

A Typical Lesson

Topic: Scottish Traditions

Pre-task: Scottish customs
In groups students are given information on different Scottish customs and speculate if they
think they are true or false. They then discuss their ideas with another group or the class as
a whole, comparing them to similar customs in their own countries.

Task: Create a quiz/crossword
Using the information from the pre-task along with additional facts and figures on Scottish
traditions, learners work together to create a crossword or a quiz for the other groups to
attempt. Like a traditional pub quiz, each group can choose to focus their questions on
specific customs which they are most interested in.

Error correction & language feedback:
During the task the teacher monitors the students as they work and then provides feedback
on their language. This could be grammar, lexis or functional language; with this particular
task anything from question formation to creating cloze exercises or true/false statements.

Students perform a similar task to practise the language they have just learnt – such as
adding questions to their quizzes or crosswords – before trying them out.

Your activity programme

A fun and varied activity programme is an important part of your experience. It not only provides a platform for you to learn about a new culture but also encourages your language learning outside of the classroom, and of course helps you to make new friends!

Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital city and is the perfect destination for your language programme. It is a small city for a capital with only 500,000 inhabitants, but this means it is very easy to move around and students often tell us how comfortable they feel. With some of the top tourist attractions in the UK and a world famous cultural programme, we think there is no better place to spend your summer holidays!

You can’t help falling in love with this majestic city. It has a medieval Old Town, an elegant Georgian New Town, and is home to Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano in Holyrood Park with sweeping views of the city from its peak! Looming over the city is hilltop Edinburgh Castle, home to Scotland’s crown jewels and the Stone of Destiny, traditionally used in the coronation of Scottish rulers. You might not know this but Edinburgh also hosts the world’s largest arts festival, ‘The Edinburgh Festival Fringe’, which takes place every August for 3 weeks.

At Mackenzie School of English, we offer a fantastic programme of activities that will support and improve your language skills. We combine cultural visits and language tasks with team building games and challenges to keep learning entertaining and fun.

We are continually improving our English activity programme and in 2016 we were very excited to work with an award winning app development company to develop our very own rangeof engaging GPS challenges played on iPad minis. These challenges are designed to engage, entertain and inspire students whilst using the most up to date technology.

Forget the traditional city tour as we provide you with an iPad mini for certain cultural visits and activities. You will love the opportunity to take part in one of our bespoke challenges featuring a variety of interesting questions and trivia along with fun photo and video tasks to provide lasting memories. We are proud to say that we are the only school in the UK using this technology at the moment and students love it!

Day in the Life

One of our talented 17 year old students from the Czech Republic made us this video to show a typical day in the life of a Mackenzie School of English student. Thank you Dan!

Check it out:


‘Mackenzie School in 30 seconds’

The Mackenzie school experience in 30 seconds.


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