We appreciate that sending your children abroad can be worrying and at Mackenzie School we implement many measures to ensure the students under our care are safe and happy at all times.

  • We will take very good care of your children. Our carefully trained and checked staff are passionate about working with children and know exactly what they are doing
We take every precaution to make sure your kids are safe: we offer taxis back to hosts after evening activities, have set curfews and roll calls and provide emergency phone numbers that students can use at any time
  • Your students will come home with a new enthusiasm for English. This is one of our main goals when students are with us and we want them to see English as more than just another school subject but as a living, breathing language and an essential tool in the modern world.

Safety and Welfare: our number one priority

We know that safety is the biggest concern for parents when their children travel abroad which is why we do everything in our powers to ensure the well-being of all our students.

  • We provide taxis home after all evening activities for students in home-stay. We cooperate with a local taxi firm to ensure all students return home safely.
  • We subscribe to a consultancy service provided by Ellis Whittam, which keeps us up to date with all Health & Safety and Employment Law matters.
  • A minimum ratio of 1:20 for activity staff to student on all trips and excursions.
  • Key staff receive First Aid training and First Aid kits are taken on all trips and excursions.
  • The year-round school remains open every night of the week so the students have somewhere to relax when they have free time.
  • Students are given 24 hour emergency number cards on arrival.
  • Every member of our staff undergoes a criminal record check.

Our staff

Our staff are well-trained, experienced and enthusiastic about working with young people.

We have a team of year-round office staff who are always available to answer questions, deal with any issues that might arise and make sure your experience with us is enjoyable and stress free. Our staff are open and friendly and enjoy spending time with young people.

We employ a team of qualified and talented teachers and our activity leaders are trained in-school. They are all devoted to making the learners’ time with us both productive and exciting. We believe that communication is the key as well as the reason for learning languages. We teach students to use language actively, as a tool for real-life communication. Students learn by doing and this is the key factor in successful language learning.

All employees are PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme) checked and have been specially trained to work with young people and know how to handle security, fire drills and operational arrangements.

A risk assessment is carried out for every location that the students visit.

Our hosts are experienced and have been handpicked by us. The British Council recommends inspecting the hosts every two years but we carry out yearly visits to ensure that we always deliver a top quality homestay experience.